VAE: Vision, Achievement, Excellence

VAE is more than a place for those seeking counseling or psycho-therapy. VAE is Counseling and life coaching with a clear purpose and objective. Most of our clients finish our programs feeling great and having a new life plan. VAE Life Coaching is based on multiple Psychological concepts and ideas, but the heart and soul of VAE is simply this. Anxiety, depression, anger, behavioral problems, and addictions all start off as false ideas and thoughts in our heads. Our thoughts then become our beliefs and our behavior and character are directly linked to these beliefs. This is good news not bad. This means we have the power to change our behaviors and character by changing what we think upon. It is not an easy process for most. It is very much like working out or training the body. It takes time, drive, and a belief that what we are doing will actually produce results. The motivation, techniques, and passion to help you with this process is what VAE offers you and your children. The first results are reduced anxiety, reduced depression and a restoration of hope. That is just the beginning though. The end result is achievement in whatever avenue you are pursuing.

Fitness, Academia, Career, relationship, and hobby are all part of a whole life. The concepts used at VAE were developed over a decade long process. More of this will be discussed in the section about Mark, the founder of VAE and Darkness Recovery (our Waterford office, which primarily deals with basic counseling methods) At VAE, each client will be given a progress journal that is used throughout the training and therapy. The goals and values are individual for each person and tailored to give you the vision, motivation, and belief that what you envision is not just possible, but probable. VAE starts every client off with a 90 minute personal planning session. We evaluate your goals, values, and level of need. Each session after that is 60-70 minutes. We help give you the resources to achieve your goals and the coaching to keep you motivated and passionate about your life. This ‘purpose’ restores hope and joy. In the end, our goal is to take away the fears and doubts we all suffer from and turn that into belief and hope. This is the start of achievement in all aspects of life.

VAE is also founded upon the principle that people should develop their mind and body. The two work together in a partnership. If one is suffering, the other will feel the effects. For some people, walking is enough. For others, finding a source of exercise that is more intense by nature is needed. This is all dependent upon your goals and vision for your life. Not everyone is seeking to improve athletic performance, but physical fitness can be a key component of mental well-being. On the flip side, the mind is a powerful tool to be used in athletics. VAE has techniques and a program to help you further your goals in this regard as well.

There are basic Values we deal with that are universal to people seeking excellence and even basic life skills. This is true regardless of age, status, or life background. The universal concepts are as follows:

Respect for yourself and others.
Hope in the future based on careful insight and planning
Turning thoughts into belief and vision.
Perseverance- changing how we think about pain and loss
VAE is more than just Life Coaching and counseling. It is a way to change your life to become the best you that you can be.