Insurance Accepted

(Please call us to verify your insurance plan first)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Molina
  • Meridian
  • McLaren Medicaid
  • McLaren HMO
  • McLaren Health Advantage
  • Optum

Individual Sessions

First Session/Evaluation and Questionnaire- 90 minutes $85.00

Sessions after that are 60- 70 minutes in duration at $75.00 per session

VAE only takes Cash, Check, Credit Card and the above listed insurance plans. This is due to a few factors involving changes to the national health care system.  For now it is safe to say that 60 percent of the clients I have worked with fit outside the true mental health spectrum and using the insurance model is only one tool that can be used to help clients. VAE can offer you a better pathway to hope, joy, and excellence in all areas of your life or your teenager’s life.

VAE is a total mental wellness and coaching practice. Although I am a fully Licensed Professional Counselor, I use many means to help you achieve your goals. VAE has a pricing structure that will save you time and money. Most clients only need 8 sessions or less to see great results. That fact is based on the program and the dedication I personally put forth to helping you succeed.

VAE can offer you help in areas of mental health and life coaching or both. The following is a short list of common areas of therapy and life coaching where VAE excels in.  VAE is great for Adults or Teens.

Anxiety                                                                                                Academic excellence

Depression                                                                                         Career success and planning

Addictions                                                                                          Athletic achievement

Grief and Loss                                                                                   Thought Control, Focus and Vision

Relationship consulting                                                                   Self-worth & Awareness

Behavioral problems

No matter what you situation is, VAE starts you off with a 90 minute session that is designed to let us understand who you are and what your area of need is. This is done through a series of questions that help us survey your life, goals, ambitions, strengths, and thought patterns. This session is vital in helping VAE develop a specific plan for you. This is also a time to explore who you are and get some insight into what you want out of life.

Each session after this is 60-70 minutes long. We take your life goals and life very serious and infuse hope and direction into your thinking and beliefs. We do this through Psychological theory, Counseling techniques, and Life coaching. The design of the sessions will be tailored to your personality, goals, values, and life experience.