Grief Counseling

We help you cope with loss or trauma

VAE Life Coaching offers grief counseling programs to help those suffering from grief, loss, or trauma. Although this is a program, we use more counseling techniques with our clients than in other programs.

Grief counseling, Loss and Trauma Counseling Fenton Michigan VAE Life Coaching

Grief counseling is more often than not a listening process for us. Our goal is to help take you to a place of bittersweet. The other goal of grief counseling is help you understand that it is OK to feel sad. Losing a loved one is a very emotional thing and it is often necessary to talk about that.

Grief Counseling will help you remember them in a way that honors their life and lets you carry on with hope and purpose. Grief counseling at VAE is about letting you live your life again without feeling regret or guilt. Life is not always perfect and often times we regret not spending as much time with the deceased loved one as we would have liked to. Talking to a skilled grief counselor is a great way to put that regret in it’s proper perspective.

Everyone responds to grief or trauma in a different fashion. VAE Grief and loss Counseling treats you as an individual and creates a program specific to your needs and values.

There are so many situations where people have endured a traumatic event in their life that it would be wrong to deal with them all the same. The grief counseling techniques we use will help you deal with the past and help you build upon your future.

No matter what has happened in your life, VAE grief counseling is a great way to start living with joy and purpose.

You can be guaranteed that you will be treated with compassion, respect, and understanding. This is a promise we make to all of our grief counseling clients.

COST- Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina, Meridian, McLaren Medicaid, McLaren HMO, McLaren Health Advantage, and Optum Accepted | Cash, Check, Credit Card

First session evaluation and questionnaire (90 Minute) $85.00

Sessions after that are $75.00 each

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