Court Appointed Counseling | Fenton, MI

Court appointed counseling: Anger Management, Substance Abuse, and Drunk Driving

VAE Life Coaching in Fenton has affordable programs designed to help you complete your court appointed counseling. Located in Fenton, Michigan, we work with you and your probation officer to make sure you complete the required court appointed counseling in a timely fashion while saving you money. Most times, the court orders a set amount of hours that have to be complete. We can help you complete these hours in fewer sessions by doubling up the time in each session. The sessions will be directed towards helping you complete the court order. VAE will offer the proper counseling, keep your probation officer up to date, and send them an email or letter when you complete the court appointed counseling. Contact us today and we will give you the pricing and hourly structure of this program.

If you are looking to complete your court appointed counseling and also need an evaluation, VAE can offer you a total package at a discounted rate. Court appointed counseling takes time and money. We will work with you to see you get the best possible prices while receiving expert care. VAE is part of Darkness Recovery, which has worked with court appointed counseling for over 6 years. We know how to help you complete the court order, help you understand the concepts of the counseling, and save you time and money. Most clients who come to VAE Life Coaching for their court appointed counseling, find that they not only learned quite a lot about themselves and their life, but did so while also saving, on average, $250.00. Anger management, substance abuse, drunk driving, or whatever you have been charged with is what VAE will focus on. Contact us today and see what VAE Life Coaching can do for you.

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