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Our anxiety counseling program is a combination of Psychology, Life Coaching, Counseling, Focus training, and Mental Exercises. Our anxiety counseling infuses physical fitness and diet knowledge to help you obtain true wellness. Many people seek anxiety counseling only to find a therapist tell them they need a prescription and maybe offer sometime to talk about the clients problems. This is like putting a band aid over a deep cut.

At VAE Life Coaching, we help you defeat your anxiety by creating an individual plan for you. We start you off with an evaluation session that lasts 90 minutes. This session helps us create a plan that best fits your needs. Although anxiety counseling is a large part of the 12 week program, we also help your brain strengthen through mental exercises, focus training, journaling, and visioning techniques.

Our anxiety counseling is steeped in stress relief techniques and breathing control exercises. Each session has purpose and we educate you on the importance of each exercise and technique. Since each session is an hour or longer, we also have plenty of time to discuss and counsel you on specific areas of stress in your life. This allows VAE the time for coaching you on proven techniques and methods that help you gain the control over your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.

If you are seeking anxiety counseling, we urge you to look into a program that offers more than just Psychological therapy. Although that is an important part of any anxiety counseling therapy, it is only one part. At VAE Life Coaching, we offer you the chance to learn life long techniques and skills to defeat Anxiety in 8 Weeks. You will not only have access to a skilled anxiety counselor, but you will also learn skills and techniques that can help you for the rest of your life.


COST- Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina, Meridian, McLaren Medicaid, McLaren HMO, McLaren Health Advantage, Optum Accepted | Cash, Check, Credit Card

First session (90 Minutes) evaluation and questionnaire $85.00

Sessions after that- (70 Minutes) are $75.00 each

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