Teen Counseling/Coaching

We can help your teen defeat depression, anxiety, or behavior problems and learn what life has to offer them. There is hope.

We can help your teen defeat Depression, Anxiety, Behavior Problems, and Substance Abuse. Effective and Affordable Teen Counseling is our promise to you.


VAE Life Coaching has tremendous results for teens suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or behavior difficulties. We create a specific plan for each teen and our teen counseling is affordable, short term, and enjoyable for most teens.

We start our teen counseling program by interviewing your teen and finding out what strengths they have and just as importantly, how they view themselves. This helps us understand the root causes of the problems. It also shows your teen that we are interested in what they have say. This is very important to the process.

VAE teen counseling works for teens with anger problems, anxiety, depression, or grief because we focus more on the person than the problem. This is true for teen substance abuse as well. Our sessions are geared to show the teen their potential and help them build up the character traits they need and even want (even if they just don’t realize it yet). We counsel your teen to help them defeat these problems, but the main focus is on hope and direction. That hope is a powerful tool and most teens with problems feel hopeless. VAE Teen Counseling is about giving your teen hope by showing them that they are unique and gifted. Teen Counseling is most effective when the teen can understand their strengths, purpose, and personality. By creating goals that they are passionate about, they start to feel that hope right away.

Most teens have a negative opinion about teen counseling as it tends to focus on things they are just not interested in. We here at VAE understand that. We can help your teen learn proper thinking techniques in a way that will change their behavior and improve mental well being all while having an enjoyable time.  Our teen counseling shows them the benefit of having a positive outlook and coaches them on how to achieve the goals and dreams they have.

The key to VAE teen counseling is helping your teen figure out what they want and give them the real hope that their dreams are indeed achievable.

COST- Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina, Meridian, McLaren Medicaid, McLaren HMO, McLaren Health Advantage, and Optum Accepted | Cash, Check, Credit Card

First session evaluation and questionnaire (90 minutes) $85.00

Sessions after that are $75.00 each

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