Depression Counseling

Regain your passion and purpose

Take control over your thinking, and learn practical exercises to help you defeat depression.


Depression counseling is a way to talk through your feelings, thoughts, and life circumstances. It is a very therapeutic way of helping a client overcome depression, but it is only one set of tools one can use. Depression counseling is great for emotional support and we utilize that in every session in the  program.

VAE Life Coaching also infuses thought control techniques, visioning techniques, the benefits of a journal, and physical fitness planning and diet to give you all the tools you need to overcome your depression.

Most depression counseling fails to take on the thoughts that lead to depression. It is these thoughts that turn into beliefs and often turn into poor decision making. If one doesn’t learn how to control the thoughts that lead to poor beliefs, they will be in depression counseling again and again.

Our goal at VAE Life Coaching is to give you the tools you need to start thinking proper. It is a process that uses visioning exercises to help you gain a firm grasp on what you want out of life and the belief that it is possible for you to achieve your goals and dreams. This process takes time and coaching, but it is the most valuable tool you can learn in the depression counseling program. VAE Life Coaching also uses mental exercises to help you build up your brain’s memory and focus. These exercises help you build a clear mind, which is essential in defeating depression. The use of a journal will help you chart your life and this will help you defeat false thoughts and beliefs. We help you cut out poor eating habits and other habits that help enable a depressed mind.

Our depression counseling unique program, located in Fenton, Michigan, teaches you proven techniques that help you gain control over your own thinking, beliefs, and actions all in 10 weeks. Contact us today.

COST- Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina, Meridian, McLaren Medicaid, McLaren HMO, McLaren Health Advantage, and Optum Accepted | Cash, Check, Credit Card

First session evaluation and questionnaire (90 Minutes) $85.00

Sessions after that are $75.00 each

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