Life Coaching/Counseling

VAE Life Coaching offers unique 8-12 Week Programs for Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Grief, and Teen Behavioral problems. Each program is designed specifically for you or your teenager. Our programs use mental exercises and focus training to help you not only rid yourself of stress, but also create a mindset of excellence. Each session in the 8-12 week program has a direct purpose and we explain this to you so you understand the importance and value. The principles in these programs are coached by Mark Carpenter who has been teaching these concepts and coaching these exercises for the last 6 years. We take great care in making sure you understand the concepts and explain how they benefit you. Here is a general list of  areas where this Coaching/Counseling method has great results.

  • Academic excellence
  • Addictions
  • Athletic achievement
  • Loss Counseling
  • Thought Control, Focus and Vision
  • Relationship consulting
  • Self-worth & Awareness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss

No matter what you situation is, VAE starts you off with a 90 minute session that is designed to let us understand who you are and what your area of need is. This is done through a series of questions that help us survey your life, goals, ambitions, strengths, and thought patterns. This session is vital in helping us develop a specific plan for you. This is also a time to explore who you are and get some insight into what you want out of life.

Each session after this is 60-70 minutes long. We take your life goals and life very serious and infuse hope and direction into your thinking and beliefs. We do this through Psychological theory, Counseling techniques, and Life coaching. The design of the sessions will be tailored to your personality, goals, values, and life experience.

COST- Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina, Meridian, McLaren Medicaid, McLaren HMO, McLaren Health Advantage, and Optum Accepted | Cash, Check, Credit Card

First session evaluation and questionnaire (90 minute) $85.00

Sessions 2-8 are $75.00 each

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